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Raise it for Rieke Auction

Saturday March 3rd, at the Mittleman Jewish Community Center (MJCC). This is the largest individual fundraising event for the Rieke Foundation, and all are encouraged to attend. The event proceeds will support one full-time teacher to keep our class sizes smaller and leverage more gym, library, and music time.

Thank you to all who came and showed support of our school!

Rieke Art Fair

The Art Fair will be incorporated into the community rummage sale this year. We will feature the art and crafts of our current and past Rieke students to sell during the garage sale. A small fee will be asked, for all those who participate rather than a percentage of their sales this year.

Rieke Carnival

Rieke Carnival is our end-of-school celebration and a perfect family fun night! With great food, tons of games, and prizes, this event is a great way to wind down the year. Proceeds benefit Rieke enrichment programs.

Book Fair

Support this important fundraiser and encourage reading by inviting family and friends to come shop! This event provides books and supplies for the school.

  • Fall - October 6-12
  • Spring May 29-31

Plant Sale

Support this important fundraiser through April to spruce up your home and the school with beautiful local plants. More info to come in early April. Plant delivery is scheduled for Saturday May 5th.

This date is subject to change.