Trees and Benches

We'll be planting trees and installing tables and benches over the next few weeks. We have sponsors for all the benches and tables, but tree sponsorship is still available. 


Families and individuals can sponsor a tree for $200 or a planting area for $350-$550 (depending on which area). Sponsorship covers the tree itself plus stakes, fencing, and fertilizer for planting. We've priced the sponsorship to to provide some "insurance" in the event that a tree is killed or dies of natural causes. Anyone who wants to sponsor can contact me to pick which trees and then donate online or leave a check in the PTA box with "playground tree sponsorship" so the treasurer will know where to apply it.


Community Celebration

There will be a Community Harvest thank you celebration for volunteers and contributors on November 5 from 1:00-3:00. We'll be serving pie and hot cider.