A message from Holly and Jill - Rieke PTA's new officers

It is not the size or magnitude of our actions but rather the quality. Collectively, even the tiniest deeds contribute to the large very profound movement towards positive change.

Rieke is an interwoven community - our children's success depends on the success of our principal, teachers, school staff and parents. It is not only important to change how we think about the PTA, but we also have to start looking at how it impacts our community and start creating a systems change. We need to understand the time we contribute to the PTA and school is just as valuable as our money. We need your help and your support.

The PPS board recently adopted seven priorities for the 2015-16 and 2016-17 school years. Two of these priorities strongly resonate with the Rieke community:  

  • Ensure a strong principal and vice/assistant principal in every building who is well-matched to the school community.
  • Create an environment in which supports are in place for teachers to thrive and have a voice in district-wide decision making.

We need to work together and support our infrastructure at Rieke. It is essential to have an open dialogue between community, principal, teachers and staff. We collectively can create a culture of excellence we all dream of for our children. It is time to learn from each other and strengthen our impact on the ground.

As we look into the new year, we ask that you look at a way to be more involved in our community. There are numerous events where we need your help. Please take a moment to help shape our community and our children’s futures. Be the positive change our community needs.

Holly & Jill

Holly Ingram - PTA President, parent of Zeke, 4th grade (Sturges) and Meadow, 3rd grade (Allen)
Jill Brown - PTA Vice President, parent of Kylee, Kindergarten (Jackson)