Oregon Battle of the Books 2016 - 2017 at Rieke

Thanks to all who were able to attend the OBOB meeting on Thursday. A special thank you to Alton Straub, Aletha Lesch, Leslie Bradley and all the student volunteers for their awesome mock battle demonstration! For those of you unable to attend, we wanted to keep you in the loop about Rieke's Battle of the Books program this year.

Resources and Questions

1) Evan Crow, a former Rieke now Robert Grey student and big brother of Lily Crow, has created an awesome website for Rieke's Battle of the Books program. It has practice questions and is designed for individual students or teams to use at home. It has the calendar and schedule. It also has links to the Cedar Mills and Newberg libraries and the official OBOB site. He is going to add information about parent/coach/volunteer roles. It is fantastic! Check it out here

The site is a work in progress. Evan requests that you provide feedback on the site so that he can update or improve it as needed. We are excited that this may be the basis for something that can be used year after year and a way to quickly get information to everyone. We may even try to figure out how to submit teams and forms via the site!

2) We have hard copies of 20 sets of practice questions put together by the Cedar Mills Library.If your team did not get a copy, please swing by the office and pick one up. If you want to print a copy, please go directly to the Cedar Mills library website. The Newberg Library has one set of questions available. We will let you know when more are posted.

Calendar and Schedule

We have 25 teams signed up. The first round of qualifying battles is scheduled for Saturday, February 11th starting at 9 AM. We would like each team to be able to battle 2 - 3 times. Given the # of teams we have, it's going to take a lot of volunteers to run all the battles. So please add February 11th to your calendar now and plan 3 - 4 hours of your time that day.

The second round of battles (the top 8 teams from the qualifying rounds) will compete at 6:30 PM on Thursday, February 16th. This will include the final battle. There will be a party for all the participants following the final battle. There will be no battles on Friday, February 17th as the original flyer stated.

We decided to cancel the two additional Thursday evening meetings on January 19th and February 2nd since families are busy and it's enough just trying to squeeze practice time in with our teams.


As stated above, we will need a lot of volunteers to run the battles. Please invite spouses, partners, grandparents, and family friends to sign-up. It was also suggested middle schoolers could volunteer to be time keepers or score keepers as a way of earning community service hours.

There is a group of parent volunteers meeting to organize the Saturday 2/11 and Thursday 2/16 events. We will send an email with battle schedule and volunteer sign-up information as soon as we get the logistics figured out.

If you are interested in working with students at lunch, please email Shannon Pullen at shannon.pullen@gmail.com. She is going to work with Principal Lewins to offer support for any kids or teams who want to practice at lunch recess.

Teams and Contact Info

A huge thanks to Debra Anchel for compiling all the teams, students and coach/parent/volunteer contact info.

Communication is important for all families. Moving forward, we will no longer be emailing through the PTA email blast list. Instead we have created an OBOB parent and coach email list. Please contact Shannon Pullen if you have not received an email with the master list of all participating teams. If you have received that email, then please review the master list and double check that your student is on the right team, with the right name and parent/coach contact info is up to date. We don't want to leave anyone out!

Holly Ingram, Co-President, Rieke PTA

Shannon Pullen, Parent Volunteer

Debra Anchel, Parent Volunteer