Rieke Field Synthetic Turf Replacement

Portland Parks and Recreation presented plans on March 10 for the replacement of the Rieke athletic field's synthetic turf, a project funded through the 2014 Parks Replacement Bond.

If you missed the presentation or would like to share the info with a friend, you can view the slides online.

Project web page with overview and updates.

Online Comment Form – deadline is Thursday, March 17. - please encourage your friends and neighbors to also share their input with Portland Parks & Rec.!

Parks Replacement Bond web page 


During the Q&A session, most comments focused on the potential health hazards associated with the use of SBR rubber (recycled ground up tires) because the field is used by children during recess in addition to extracurricular activities, thus potentially increasing their exposure. Below are a few links relevant to the issue, but you can also search the web for crumb rubber turf.

EPA - Federal Research on Recycled Tire Crumbs Used on Playing Fields

Forbes - Government Finally To Look Into Possible Link Between Artificial Turf And Cancer

NBC News - Feds Finally Take Action on Crumb Rubber Turf

Reuters - U.S. agencies to study safety of artificial turf fields

LA Times - Are synthetic playing surfaces hazardous to athletes' health? The debate over 'crumb rubber' and cancer

An open letter on the dangers of synthetic turf from the physicians of EHHI