Thank you, Dr. Jamie Repasky!

Dr. Jamie Repasky (Photo: Bradley sellers)

Dr. Jamie Repasky (Photo: Bradley sellers)

As many of you know, because of PPS HR rule changes, Dr. Jamie Repasky will no longer be able to be the Science Enrichment Coordinator at Rieke, starting in the 2016-2017 school year. 

Jamie's position was funded largely with money raised from our community, and her role is one of the best examples of how our community makes happen some incredible opportunities for our kids. 

Jamie has been a passionate advocate for integrating hands-on science in our kids' school lives, and has created or led many wonderful programs.

She conceived of and created, with the help of volunteers, the Outdoor Garden/Outdoor Classroom. She developed science curriculum for the classroom and led experiments and experiences our kids will never forget. (Remember the insect tasting?) She created amazing demonstrations at Science Fair that kids are still talking about. She leads the Green Team, and lunchtime Nature Play, and so much more. The science enrichment she has created has sparked our kids' creative, inquisitive minds again and again.

We will miss her greatly. 

Keep Dr. Repasky's work going

We would like to recognize all the contributions that Jamie has made to our school and to our kids over the past several years, and ask that our school community help to support and lead some of the programs she has created. These volunteer roles include: 

Green Team Leader - arrange meetings for students/adults at the school, coordinate team activities, and document progress to meet our final National Wildlife Federation Eco-Schools USA Green Flag certification (fall 2016).

Outdoor Classroom/Garden Team - plan and plant fall and spring seeds for the school garden, maintain the lawn in the classroom (lawn mower provided), maintain irrigation for the hanging and tire gardens.

Nature Play Coordinator - arrange a team of volunteers to lead outdoor play activities in the Outdoor Classroom or front garden during lunch recess on specific days each week.

Terracycle/Hallway Recycling Coordinator - pick-up hard plastics, energy bar wrappers, and dead Crayola markers weekly.  The hard plastics can be recycled through the residential blue bin and the wrappers/markers have been stored until a large box can be shipped to Terracycle.  We have earned more than $400 through the Terracyle program, turning garbage into cash for the school.    

The best way we can thank Jamie is to keep all her hard work going! If you are interested in any of these positions, please contact Jamie Repasky or any member of the Rieke PTA.