Principal's Message, October 29

We have clearly transitioned to more traditional fall weather! Please be sure to send your child dressed to be outside even if the weather is somewhat wet. We try to get students outside for recess every day if possible. A name on their coat will really help ensure it gets back to the right person should it get left behind someplace.

Tomorrow, Tuesday the 30th, is picture retake day with JT Studios. We will also be having Class/Group photos on this day. 

I realize our parking lot needs a lot of work, including line repainting. That is slated to take place but probably not until next spring. In the meantime, however, please try to note where the faded lines are. All of the parking spaces are at the diagonal, not perpendicular. A big reminder as well to please not block our turn around area. This is at the north end of the gym and is expressly for being able to turn around and drop off with a kiss and go. There should be no parking in this large circular area. There should also be no parking at the entrance to the driveway down to where our handicapped parking spaces are located. Thank you for your help in keeping things from getting too congested.

A brief reminder of what I shared last week that students are not to wear costumes to school on Wednesday. Some teachers may be allowing students to change into a costume for an end of the day celebration but that change has to be able to happen without the student leaving the classroom. If a student can’t manage to get into a costume independently and over their school clothes, it shouldn’t come to school. Absolutely no weapons, masks or gore will be allowed.