Principal's Message, November 5

We’re off to a great start this week. I appreciated the fact the rain held off until close to the end of the day – after 3 would have been more ideal but we did get through most of recesses without the wet.

It’s great that we have lots of students riding their bikes to and from school but we need your help in reminding them they need to not be riding around on the blacktop or near the main entrance right before school or immediately after dismissal. If they are riding home on Vermont, they also should walk their bikes if there are still a lot of students and adults walking towards the buses and the parking lot. We’ve had a few close calls with riders almost hitting walkers. Thank you for your help in keeping everyone safe!

You can keep turning in Run for Rieke pledge forms. Students receive a small prize for the return of the form as a way of confirming that families were aware of it. They do not need to bring money in with the form to get a prize. If you have pledges being given online, that’s great and you can still send in the pledge sheet even with no money attached.

As part of the Harvest Book Collection our students brought in over 1,000 books that will be given to local families who are not as fortunate to have lots of books in their homes. Thank you to all who made this possible!

Next Monday we do celebrate the Veteran’s Day Holiday. The reason November feels like there’s no school is having two holidays plus the end of the first quarter, along with parent teacher conferences. We’ll try and pack as much instruction in as we can!