Science Fair Success!

The Rieke Science Fair was a huge success, and over 40 students submitted projects!

A big THANK YOU to all who volunteered & supported the science fair:

Chu Ai, Alicia Baker, Amanda Brohman, Willow Bolen, Bryan Danforth, Amelia Ellis, Lisa Greene, Julian Greene, Sherry Hastings, Anne Hill, Jason Krajewski, Marty Lafrenz, Christine Lafrenz, Ian Lafrenz, Sophie Lafrenz, Sarah Lewins, Kim Meyers, Bronte McKinnis, Brigitte Naslund, Chris Poulsen, Zach Prichard, Sylvio Redanz, Jocelyn Rice, Richard Richey, Julie Smith, Amy Vaughan, Chloe Unflat, Brian Unflat, Nate Wood, Roxy Wood, Electra Wood, and Alexandria Quan.

Thank you to the Wilson Robotics Club and Key Club for volunteering their time.

We are looking for a new co-chair for the science fair. Katie Unflat—the current chair who has done an amazing job!—has only one more year at Rieke, and we want to keep this amazing tradition going. If you are interested in helping, please email Katie at