Kirk Brohman, PTA President

I have two sons (Leo is in 2nd grade and Barrett will be heading to Rieke in 2019) and am happy to be serving as the Rieke PTA President.  My wife Amanda (the new PTA Vice President) and I live in Hillsdale with our boys and dog, Cooper.  Please let me know if you have any questions about how to help with volunteering or to find out more about how the PTA helps the community.  I look forward to speaking with you!

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Amanda Brohman, Vice President

Hi! My name is Amanda Brohman and I’m excited to be the PTA Vice President. My second grader is Leo and my pre-k son is Barrett. This is our third year at Rieke and I’m excited to be more involved with this community. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or suggestions about events, involvement, resources, and community!

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Israel Hill, Fundraising Chair

The Fund Razor.

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Jordann Kearns, Secretary

The Good Listener.

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Darius Amjadi, Treasurer

Darius Amjadi was born in the same hospital as President Obama and raised in Honolulu, HI. He is a neuropathologist at the Portland VA Medical Center and an Iraq War veteran.  Darius has two daughters at Rieke. He is committed to inclusivity and social justice.  Darius enjoys hiking, swimming, travel, reading, and craft beer.

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Needed: Volunteer Coordinator

The 'Happy to Help'er.



Kathryn Juergens, Communications Coordinator

My name is Kathryn Juergens. My daughter Harper Davey is in the second grade. We moved to Hillsdale two years ago, and my entire family has really loved getting to know the teachers, kids, and families that make Rieke so special. I am so impressed with how warm and welcoming everyone has been, and how active and engaged the school community is. I look forward to even greater involvement through the PTA. Please feel free to share any ideas you have about making our school an even better place!

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Jessica Foote, Membership Coordinator

Hello! You may have seen me running down the path to school pulling a red wagon with my three kids. My oldest daughter is in first grade and my twins are future Rieke Rockets. We moved to Hillsdale three years ago and after just one year at Rieke, our family has found it to be a wonderful and welcoming community. I look forward to helping build engagement with the PTA as the Membership Coordinator. If you have any questions or suggestions for the PTA, please let me know!

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Needed: Event Coordinator

The 'More the Merrier'ist.


John Kurtz, Media Coordinator

Hi - my name’s John Kurtz. I have a daughter in third grade, Dylan, and have been living in the neighborhood for three years now.  Our experience at Rieke has been fantastic - from the quality and dedication of the staff to the community support of the school to the colorful cast of other parents and friends that we’ve met.  What can I say? I think this place is pretty special and I look forward to doing what I can to continue making it so.  Reach out anytime if you have questions, comments, or ideas to share.  Let’s have a great year!  

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Thank you 2016-2017 PTA Board Members for your most excellent dedication and service!