Rieke PTA 2019-2020 Mission

As we enter the 2019-2020 school year, we have identified several important priorities. Building on Rieke's strong community of involved parents, teachers and volunteers, the PTA will focus on achievable goals that will benefit the entire school.

We are excited to welcome new Rieke Principal Jonathan Jeans to our community and we look forward to working with him. We are committed to providing Mr. Jeans with the best support and open mindedness we can as he works closely with teachers and parents to make Rieke a great learning experience.

We will continue to hone our communications process, hoping to better serve all through a new online directory, weekly communications through the Rapper, daily posts on our Facebook account, and email blasts on all important events.

Rieke Teachers are the foundation that make our school so amazing. In addition to helping our children learn the ABCs, they protect, entertain, comfort, and inspire hundreds of students every day. Our commitment to the teaching staff is: to make their daily needs for supplies and learning materials as easy to obtain as possible; to find as many parent volunteers as they need to support their curriculum; and to foster an environment of trust and collaboration. 

Rieke parents are an integral part of the school community, and Rieke’s success is built on an organized, connected, and well-informed partnership between parents and school. We encourage and provide many opportunities for parent involvement, because even the smallest effort can make a huge difference. As always, we value feedback more from our community about what the PTA priorities should be, and we hope that PTA membership will continue to grow.

The Rieke Foundation focuses solely on providing funds that enhance our school staffing. The school auction has been its biggest event, and the proceeds have funded past positions such as our library assistant position, visual and performing artists, technology support, and additional full-time staff. While the Foundation is a separate organization from the PTA, both groups rely on the same pool of volunteer labor, and the desire to support Rieke teachers and staff. Although the PTA is not a fundraising group, we are dedicated to helping make all fundraising efforts for the foundation or school-related needs as successful as possible. See additional information regarding the distinction between the Rieke PTA vs. the Foundation.