Rieke PTA 2018-2019 Mission

As we enter the 2018-2019 school year, we have several important and ongoing priorities to focus on. The list of needs, resources and objectives is too long to list, and very aspirational hoping to achieve them all, so we have set our site on some important goals for the PTA board, its members and all the Rieke community to help achieve.

We are excited to welcome Rieke Principal Sarah Lewins back to our community for a third year and are exciting to have Sarah as our educational leader and mentor to our teachers and students. We will continue to provide her with the best support and open mindedness we can as she works closely with teachers and parents to continue to make Rieke a great learning experience and keep us on track. We will continue our communications process for the staff, parents and front office to better serve all and better connect us through the Rapper and email blasts on all important events..

Rieke Teachers are the foundation that make our school so amazing. More than educators they are helping our children to learn more than ABCs, they are there to protect, entertain, comfort and inspire hundreds of students to become amazing every day. Our commitment to the teaching staff is to make the day to day needs for supplies and learning materials as easy to obtain as possible. Finding as many parent volunteers as they need to support their curriculum is a priority. And fostering an environment of trust and collaboration through our new Site Council will be paramount to this goal moving forward. Check out our volunteer page for ways you can help.

The Site Council is a group of teachers, parents, classified employees, that work with our principal to develop, review and evaluate school improvement programs and school budgets. The members of the site council are generally elected in the fall by their peers. Our goal for this important group is to improve the effectiveness and mission of the council. We will do this by strengthen the ties to the council, providing easy and open access to the PTA on a weekly basis, identify a dedicated teacher to act as liaison between teachers and the PTA board who will help to create and objective and priorities plan to track and evaluate these goals voted on by the site council and approved by our principal. By monthly progress report to be shared with the Rieke community at general meeting and through PTA website and email communications

Rieke parents are an integral part of life at Mary Rieke School. We know that Rieke’s success is built on an organized, connected and well-informed partnership between parents and school. We encourage and provide many opportunities for parent involvement. From in-class volunteers to positions on the PTA board, school activities, or just attendance at general meetings. We feel even the smallest effort to be part of day-to-day life at Rieke makes all the difference. As always we are open to hearing more from our community in regard to the PTA mission and hope that the membership will double over the next 2 years to ensure we have a strong community and tight knit group of families for years to come.

The Rieke Foundation focuses solely on providing funds that enhance our school staffing. The school auction has been its biggest event, and the proceeds have funded past positions such as our library assistant position, visual and performing artists, technology support and additional full-time teachers. While the Foundation is a separate organization from the PTA, operated under the umbrella of All Hands Raised, both groups rely on the same pool of volunteer labor, and the desire to support Rieke teachers and staff. Although the PTA is not a fundraising group, we are dedicated to helping make all fundraising efforts for the foundation or school-related needs as successful as possible. See additional information regarding the distinction between the Rieke PTA vs. the Foundation.