Updated June 13, 2017

Help build the new Hillsdale Community Playground at Rieke Elementary School

Mary Rieke Elementary is Hillsdale’s neighborhood school and a vital part of the Hillsdale Town Center. The Rieke playground serves children and families in our community from dawn to dusk all year-round.


With the support of community members and civic organizations, the Mary Rieke PTA has launched a capital campaign. Your tax-deductible contribution today can turn vision into reality for the next generation!


Greater Play Variety · Enhanced Learning and Development · Serving All Ages

The existing playground is designed for children ages 3-7 while the new addition will benefit ages 3-12. A major and modern addition to the current playground will feature a rope climber, an obstacle course, spinners and natural elements.


Fundraising Goal: $125,000

Current: $118,700


  • Race for Rieke: $45,000
  • Rieke PTA Donation: $25,000
  • Matching Campaign: $20,000 (courtesy Hillsdale Community Foundation, Dr. John Rieke, Alton Straub & Jen DeVoe)
  • Community/Parent Donations: $17,000 (see bottom of page for list of donors)
  • Corporate Matching: $7,500 (courtesy Nike, Apple, Intel)
  • Can & Bottle Collection: $2,200
  • Spirit Wear: $2,000


How You Can Help


  • Email Jim Meurer to volunteer for our summer work parties or to help install the playground.

In-Kind Donations

  • Concrete and Concrete work
  • Nursery Stock
    • Trees
    • Shrubs
  • Signage
  • Landscape Supplies
    • Drain Rock
    • Sod
    • Mulch
    • Planting Soil
    • Gravel
This design concept is subject to change based on total funds raised and other considerations. This is not a final draft.

This design concept is subject to change based on total funds raised and other considerations. This is not a final draft.



Project Timeline

  • March 2017: Final Conceptual Design Completion, Initial Line Item Budget
  • April 2017: Race for Rieke Fundraiser, Rieke Spirit Wear Fundraiser,
  • Select Equipment Vendor
  • May 2017: Revised Line Item Budget, updated for current funds raised, order playground equipment
  • July 2017: Community Preparation of Playground Site
  • August 2017: Installation of Hillsdale Community Playground at Rieke


A Community Resource · Community Supported

Our community playground sees constant use. Neighborhood residents, the growing school population, and visitors to the newly refurbished athletic field all need a safe, updated place to play. Your donation matters because Phase 1 construction in the summer of 2017 will lay the foundation for years to come.

Donate now or you can also mail a check, made payable to the Rieke PTA, to 1405 SW Vermont St., Portland, OR 97219.


    The Hillsdale Community Playground at Rieke Elementary

    Where: Rieke Elementary is located at 1405 SW Vermont St. (The Hillsdale Farmer’s Market takes place in the Rieke parking lot.) The new playground incorporates most of the area south of the athletic fields and north of the school buildings.

    What: The new, architect-designed, play area will feature a rope climber, an obstacle course, and a variety of other new equipment alongside trees and natural play elements. There will be updated picnic facilities for families and updated games and activities on the asphalted areas of the playground.

    When: Phase 1 construction to occur this in coordination with refurbishing of the athletic field.

    Who: Rieke Elementary students use the playground during the school day. At other times the playground is busy with neighborhood children, visitors to the Hillsdale Farmer’s Market, and families attending sporting events at the newly refurbished Rieke field. In other words: lots of families from the Hillsdale community and all over Portland!

    Why: The current playground is more than 21 years old. It is dated, geared toward younger children, and is very small. Construction on the adjacent field provides a once in a generation opportunity to build something better. If you have, or will have, children or grandchildren between ages 3 and 12 you should invest in this  fantastic place for your family to play!

    How: With your donation! Portland Public Schools will not fund these improvements. It is up to the local community to raise funds and improve playground quality. We need your help to reach our goal of $125,000!

    Thank you to all of our generous donors:

    All the Rieke Students and Staff who participated in the Race for Rieke

    Alicia & Chistopher Baker
    Chad Bartley
    A. Dustin Baughman
    Brian Beinlich
    Alicia Bell
    George Bilanzich
    Mark Bisaccio
    David Bloom
    Elizabeth Bokish
    Barbara Bowers
    W. Kirk & Amanda Brohman
    Taylor Brown
    Don Caniparoli
    Andra & James Carrick
    Laurie Chern
    Ryan Chieffo
    Fred Cirillo
    Christine Connolly
    Alexey & Olga Danilova
    Barbara English
    Thomas & Nell Fender
    Karen Fitzsimmons
    Lauren Fortgang
    Susan Galvas
    Ashley Gartland
    Arah Gould
    Dana B Grigsby
    Jason Grigsby
    Kathryn Green
    Alexandra & Chad Hagen
    Joan Hamilton
    Erik Hanson

    Karen Hansson
    Maxine Hart
    Richard Hausken & Ruth Warbington
    Israel Hill
    Greg & Lesley Houser Family Charitable Fund
    Jamie Hughes
    Karl Jensen
    Lance Johnson
    Jackie Kamins
    Jordann Kearns
    Eileen Kraus
    Kathleen Kreutzer
    Scott Lawson
    Robert Leet
    Kalin Lehner
    Koree Leisenring
    Marc Leisenring
    Miller & Gail Lembke
    Adam Light
    Donald Macodrum
    Meigan Madden
    ManLove Family Trust, Cheryl & Craig Manlove
    Mika Mcdougall
    Matthew McKenna
    Jason Mehr
    Shirley & George Mencher
    Curtis Milander
    Robin Murphy
    Patricia Navin
    Vinta Jo Neal
    Justin Norman

    Lisa Olivares
    Nicole Olszewski
    Tiffani O'Neill
    Paloma Clothing
    James Peterson
    Jennifer Podichetty
    Jennifer Poulson
    Mary Rieke PTA
    Linda Rogers
    Thomas Romano
    Mark Scantlebury
    Erik Schleich
    Briana Seeley
    Monty & Marlene Sellers
    Emily Shults
    Jonathan Spagle
    Shelly & Alex Stevens
    Carol Sticker
    Alton Straub & Jennifer DeVoe
    Delbert Straub
    Angela Suratt
    Eric Swehla
    Kevin Thornton
    Ariel Tindolph & Kevin Behrens
    Gary Wasserman
    Beth Williams
    Robyn Winans
    Kes Wold
    Sarah Woodward
    Joan Wray

      ***We have made every effort to list anyone outside of the Race for Rieke donors.  If you donated and you do not see your name, please accept our humble apologies and email Jim Meurer to be added to the list.  Additionally, if you would prefer to be listed a different way, or be removed from the list, please email Jim Meurer.

      The Hillsdale Community Playground at Rieke project is being led by a group of parents and staff at Rieke Elementary School. We have 10 parents representing all the grade levels at Rieke Elementary and two staff members. We are still in the design phase so please feel free to send any suggestions through our Facebook page

      Rieke PTA Tax ID: 93-1092969. *Please consult a tax professional.